Xbox 360 Repair

Xbox 360 Repair is not hard. It is a simple process which requires about an hour of your time and some very basic household tools and materials. The primary repair that we recommend is the X-clamp fix. It entails opening up your console, replacing the thermal paste of the CPU and GPU, replacing the X-clamps with some screws and washers, overheating the console and then reassembling the console. It really is pretty simple. However, some people do not feel comfortable doing it themselves. That is why we started offering Xbox 360 Repair Services. It is still inexpensive and someone else gets to deal with your headache.

Xbox 360 Repair Kits

Xbox 360 Repair Kits generally consist of 8 screws, 16 to 32 washers and some thermal paste and step by step instructions. That is the basic kit. There are some "deluxe" Xbox 360 repair kits on the market and they can come with an opening tool, torx drivers and cleaning solution. We highly recommend that you purchase a kit.

Free Xbox 360 Repair Guide

We put together our own Free Xbox 360 repair guide and videos. You can download the guide, read through the instructions, watch the videos and see if this is something you want to undertake. Basically you can get a feel for what is involved before you even open the case.

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Make Extra Money Repairing Xbox 360s

Once you see how easy it is to fix your own Xbox 360 why not fix your friends and make some spare cash. You can also buy some of the Xbox 360s off of eBay, repair them and resell them. If you are going to be repairing more than one console, make sure you buy your kits in bulk. This will save you money on your repair supplies and help you make more money in the long run. Turn your Xbox 360 repair knowledge into money.

Professional Xbox 360 Repair Guides

There are Professional Xbox 360 Repair Guides on the market. They include services such as online assistance, forums, high definition videos etc. Essentially, if you get stuck you have someone you can get a hold of and they will answer your questions. Also they all have money back guarantees so if the fix does not work you can request your money back.

Xbox 360 Repair Error Codes

The Xbox 360 Error Codes are there so you can get a good idea of what is the problem with your Xbox 360 console. We have put together a general outline of the xbox 360 error codes and in addition we have created an Xbox 360 Error codes network map. It is a visual diagnostic tool that we think is a little easier to follow than what is generally available on the web. Follow the link, read through the general outline and then at the bottom of that page is another link that will lead you to the Xbox 360 Error codes network map.

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